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/* @(#) machine.h 2.1 87/12/25 12:22:43 */

The contents of this file are hereby released to the public domain.

                           -- Rahul Dhesi 1986/11/14

This file holds definitions that usually do not change
between different systems, except when using REALLY strange systems.  But
options.h and machine.c hold stuff that does change quite a bit.

MAXLONG is the maximum size of a long integer.  Right now it doesn't have to
be accurate since it's only used within zooext() to fake infinite disk space.
#define  MAXLONG  ((unsigned long) (~0L))

Type BYTE must hold exactly 8 bits.  The code will collapse badly if BYTE is
anything other than exactly 8 bits. To avoid sign extension when casting
BYTE to a longer size, it must be declared unsigned.  For machine-
independence, Zoo does all I/O of archive headers and directory entries 
in units of BYTE.  The actual file data are not written in units of
BYTE, however, so portability may not be absolute.
typedef  unsigned char BYTE;  /* type corresponding to an 8-bit byte */

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